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Fossil Collection

The Standing Rock Paleontology Department houses a collection of over 7,500 fossil specimens.  2,500 of these specimens are fully prepared, identified, cataloged and stored in a dedicated Standing Rock Fossil Collection. 

All fossils in the collection were found on Standing Rock tribal lands.  Many of these fossils, known as the Concordia Collection, were excavated by Concordia College during the 1990’s and returned to the SRST in the spring of 2009.  The Concordia Collection contains some 3,000-4,000 bones of the dinosaurEdmontosaurus which were collected from a single bone bed and represent an ontogenetic, or growth, series.  Geologic and paleontologic evidence suggests that this bone bed is the result of a single herd of possibly thousands of Edmontosaurus individuals that perished in a flood.  This collection may well be one of the largest collections of Edmontosaurus bones in the world.


Preparation Lab

In addition to a rapidly growing fossil collection, the SRPD also has a working lab for cleaning and restoring as well as making reproductions of fossil specimens.



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