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Standing Rock Paleontology Program

In 2007, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (SRST) was one of the first tribes in the United States to create a Paleontology Code. The Tribe also created a Paleontology Program, which includes a Paleontology Field School. Not only have dinosaur fossils such as Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Edmontosaurus, Pachycephalasaurus and Ankylosaurus been found on the reservation, but also other terrestrial and aquatic animals such as crocodiles and alligators, turtles, birds, mammals, fishes and salamanders have also been documented.  plant fossils such as petrified wood, "pine" cones and amber are also very common.  Most recently, skin impressions from Edmonotsaurus have been found on the Reservation.

In just a few short years, the SRST Paleontology Program has amassed a collection of approximately 10,000 fossils - all collected on the Reservation.   Many of the fossils are from dinosaurs; however, preserved in the sedimentary rocks on the Reservation is an entire ecosystem - plants, birds, aquatic and mammalian fossils. Almost half of the SRST fossil collection is from the dinosaur - Edmontosaurus.  Edmontosaurus was a large plant-eating dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceous Period.  This is one of the world's largest collections of Edmontosauraus.  Included in this collection are several ontogenetic series. 

Thanks to a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences, this unusual collection will soon be available online for viewing and loaning to researchers.

A display of fossils collected on the Reservation is available for public viewing on the first and second floors in the Tribal Administration Building located in Fort Yates, ND, at Prairie Knights Casino and Resort and SItting Bull College.

To see the Tribe's fossil collection online, click link below

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